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Her Lord and Protector

Destitute and voiceless, a jilted bride living under the guardianship of an aloof man who may have murdered his wife wonders if it’s her heart, or her life, that hangs in the balance.

Romancing the Thief

A woman forced to steal a valuable document to save her sister unwittingly gets help from the man hired to catch the thief. They struggle to hide their identities while fulfilling their tasks—a dangerous prospect when they’re falling in love.

Recipe for Enemies

Liars, cheaters and bullies are upsetting Erin’s children, and her husband is having an affair. A special recipe from a ghostly ancestor could solve everything.

Aching for Revenge

A woman with the ability to crush a person to death during sexual climax goes after the man who killed her brother.

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The Queen’s Portrait (Vampire)

The Queen’s Portrait (Vampire)

It's not right. It’s not right. My brush falters on the canvas. The queen's hair needs a glint of sunlight. I close my eyes, trying to remember the sun. Slowly, an image from deep memory surfaces: my love, Colette, standing in front of me, the morning sun glistening...

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A Mutt Named Jackson (Suspense)

A Mutt Named Jackson (Suspense)

"Come here." Randy's deep, rough voice demanded immediate submission. The dish Lilly had been washing slipped out of her hand and floated down into the soapy water. Turning, she faced her husband and pressed her wet hands onto her belly. She knew what was coming. When...

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The Agreement (Horror)

The Agreement (Horror)

Another dreaded Thanksgiving. Mr. Thomas has already taken his seat, and he strokes his beard with gnarled fingers as I set a bowl of mashed potatoes on the table. I've heard his hands are quite strong. "Smells good," he says, watching me. "I always eat too much." I...

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Brain Fruit (Light horror)

Brain Fruit (Light horror)

“It’s called what?” I leaned in and peered at the seed packet in Cara’s hand. We’d just eaten and were settling onto the couch in our apartment when Cara pulled the packet from her purse. “Brain Fruit,” she said, tapping on the packet instructions with one manicured...

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Progress – Romance

  • A Lady’s Delectable Dilemma 30% 30%

Progress – Horror

  • Just Another Haunting 70% 70%
  • Just Another Painting 50% 50%
  • Just Another Motorcycle 20% 20%
  • Just Another Battlefield 10% 10%
  • Just Another Honeymoon 20% 20%
  • Just Another Camping Trip 10% 10%
  • Just Another Train Station 10% 10%


Pam Roller writes romance that leans toward gothic tones, while P. T. Winger writes psychological horror and suspense.  On a normal day you can find her in various forms of story development, writing, or editing. Her books are available on Amazon.